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Efficiently create stunning digital experiences for faster project sell-outs

About us

For two decades, we've been immersed in the ever-evolving world of real estate sales and marketing. From boutique projects to grand developments, we've seen and done it all. Innovating at every turn, we've consistently embraced the latest tech, seamlessly integrating it into our work. Proxima HQ is the pinnacle of our journey — the product that distills our services and experience, representing the future of project marketing.


Proxima HQ provides property developers different digital solutions that provide flexibility in their sales & marketing programs.  Throughout each sales phase, different use cases provide controlled content release and multiple touchpoint experiences for increased sales opportunities. 

VIP access

  • VIP buyer or exclusive agent portal
  • Registration landing page
  • Interactive brochure


Public launch

  • Agent portal
  • Website
  • Interactive sales centre touchscreen
  • Remote sales centre


Tempo sales

  • Agent portal
  • Website
  • Interactive brochure
  • Digital sales centre


High Fidelity Sales Tool

Embedded with a proven buying experience and sales journey that empowers sales teams with easy training and onboarding to deliver a consistent sales experience.

How it works


Configure your marketing collateral

Upload traditional marketing assets and configure each section with customizable content windows.  Allow your 3D renderings, 3D building models, neighbourhood maps, floor plans, and immersive virtual tours to tell your project story and engage your home buyers.


Enhance the buying experience

Proxima HQ's comprehensive filtering system assists buyers in unit selections through intelligent real time interactions with the 3D building model and other corresponding unit details.

Effectively mirroring the unit selection process traditionally performed in a presentation center.


Validated Sales Process

An integrated process allows the sales team to complete the pre-sales process by integrating with comprehensive, best in class prop-tech tools such as CRM's and conveyancing.


Customize sales launches

Proxima enables flexibility and speed in launching and updating sales programs with the latest materials.  Whether you have preliminary project information for a friends and family first access program, or the full suite of marketing assets for a public sales program, make updates and customize access in real time.

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